What coaching can do for you

  • Teach you the basic financial skills that everyone needs to know
  • Help you align your spending to your values
  • Develop a financial plan to meet your goals
  • Give you the confidence in knowing how to control your money

How does financial coaching work? 

Everything starts with a focus on you. Our first meet up is completely free and is entirely focused on getting acquainted. This is intended to be a two way conversation with the goal of developing an idea of where you're at, and how I can help get you where you're going.

I'm going to be asking a lot of personal questions. I expect you'll return the favor. And honestly, none of my questions will be about numbers. The critical parts of personal finance have little to do with numbers or high powered math. If you passed the 6th grade, you have the math skills required to be successful.

After that, we'll plot a course and set a schedule. I'll build a program and we'll get to work. At this point, the entire process will be tailor made to your needs. Some of this will be straight forward instruction. Some will be exercises. The curriculum will be fully customized to you. 

The ultimate goal is to make you completely independent. I want you to have the skills necessary to be financially successful.